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Colorado River Rafting in the Grand Canyon


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Serenity at Night

Late afternoon finds you at camp for the evening. As your crew sets up the kitchen everyone finds their ideal camp spot. Later while you relax with a cool drink and Hors d' Oeuvres their will be a chance to get better acquainted with your fellow river passengers as dinner sizzles on the grill or camp stove. After dinner watch the setting sun and listen to the quiet canyon as you settle into your sleeping bag. Tomorrow brings another new adventure on the Colorado river.

plus...30 more miles on your expedition that terminates at Diamond Creek. You will ascend in a breathtaking helicopter ride to the canyon rim.

Grand Canyon Rafting

  • Phantom Ranch to Diamond Creek
  • 138 miles
  • Class I - X rapids
  • 10 mile hike in

Begin your day with a hike down the beautiful Bright Angel Trail from the Grand Canyon South Rim to Phantom Ranch. Here you will be served lunch at the river's edge. (We do not recommend the hike down to Phantom Ranch unless you are in excellent physical condition and have done a lot of hiking.) The raft trip starts with a whirlwind of rapids. The first section begins in the heart of the ancient rock in the Upper Granite Gorge. You will plunge through the colossal waves at Horn Creek, Granite, Hermit, Crystal and Upset. Downstream basalt outcrops will alert you to your proximity to Lava Falls were soon its thunder will reverberate from the canyon walls. Passage here always demands a good long look before dropping into one of the biggest of the "Big Ones." Below Lava Falls the river takes a breather and opens up to big skies and further vistas. Here you can relax in the warm sun and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Remember to bring your camera because photographic opportunities abound in the middle canyon. (Waterproof camera bags are essential.)

Many people come for the thrills of the rapids, the big drops. And while they have earned their reputation and are exhilarating, they are only part of the river experience. This grandest of canyons, cut into ancient rocks by the force of the Colorado River, offers spectacular scenery, incredible geology and an array of plants and animals. The light changes from moment to moment tantalizing photographers' imaginations. During the day you'll make frequent stops along the river to view archaeological sites, huge caverns and enticing side canyons. You will see breathtaking waterfalls, deep emerald pools and towering cliff walls. At a turn in the trail you may come upon a deer browsing or hear the delightful canyon wren serenade. Every day is an adventure and discovery of the secrets of the natural world, of fellowship, of solitude, of you.

Tour Brief

Lee's Ferry to Diamond Creek
Motorized, oar, hybrid, paddle craft
Rapids Class I - X
Hiking excursions
Night camping on the banks of the Colorado River
Phantom Ranch visit
10 mile hike in
Fresh foods and delicious meals


Tour Times: varies

Tour Length: 5 to 9 days


Craft Description and Packing List

$ Price

Craft No. of Days 2017 Prices starting at 2018 Prices starting at
Motorized 7-day hikers special from $1,920.00 pp from $1,920.00 pp
Oar 8 from $2,675.00 pp from $2,742.00 pp
Dory 10 and 12 days from $4,546.00 pp from $4,610.00 pp
Hybrid 9 - 10 from $2,936.00 pp from $2,976.00 pp
Paddle 9 from $3,036.00 pp from $3,076.00 pp

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